I strive to give my students experience, knowledge and skills in a wide range of projects covering areas of art, design and craft. My projects involve elements of peer learning through group work, literacy and numeracy strategies, AFl strategies and use of modern technology. Project themes range from awareness to wellbeing. 


"The ultimate aim of education is to enable individuals to become the architects of their own education and through that process to continually reinvent themselves." -Elliot W. Eisner

Embroidered Portraits
Stop Motion Animation
Technology Addiction - Street Art
Linoprinted Textiles
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My various skills come in very handy in a secondary school. Outside of art teaching I have worked on many extra-curricular projects, such as graphic design, set/stage design for school musical, school murals, decoration/learning tools for school events and interior design. 

Teaching Philosophy

I am a passionate and energetic teacher with a broad spectrum of skills and experience in art, craft and design. At post-primary level I aim to cover a balanced selection of projects in all three areas and to create an environment where students feel safe and happy to express themselves and unleash their creativity. I have a particular interest in teaching art through career centred projects, where the student takes on the role of an art professional, for example an animator or textile designer. Working in this way not only allows students to be informed of future art based careers, but also gives them an understanding and respect for the hard work, craftsmanship and skills that go into the art, design and craft industries. Student voice is a focal part of my classes. I encourage my students to be curious, ask questions, express their opinions, debate, explore and experiment. I feel my own experience as an artist and designer plays a big part in my role as teacher, by showing the diverse opportunities that come from art in the contemporary world. I am a reflective practitioner, I actively seek ways to improve my teaching, by continuing professional development, writing daily reflections of my lessons and collecting student feedback. I teach because I want to share my passion for art with others and to help grow and develop the artists, designers and art lovers of the future. AFL strategies are also central to my approach, especially in art history. I often involve the use of technology in the production and presentation of work in the classroom. I believe that students should learn how to use technology to produce graphic design, film and photography as part of post-primary art class and often include elements of these in my schemes.

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Dublin, Ireland.

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