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Rad Totes & Pins is a project mixing art, activism, ethics and awareness. I will produce six original tote and pin designs. Each design will tackle a particular theme, cause or campaign, the purpose of the each tote and pin is to raise awareness and actual funds for these causes. Rad Totes are bags handprinted with original artwork using a linocut printing technique. The tote bags are fairtrade and made from 100% organic cotton. I handcarve the design into lino and print each one by hand in my home studio. The enamel pins are manufactured in Ireland to reduce the carbon footprint of production. See a process video below. 


1. Repeal the 8th Amendment, a pro-choice awareness campaign and it raised €500 for Together For Yes. I sent enamel pins to every county in Ireland and they were worn by campaigners all over the country. See some of the audience response images above.

2. Vegan Totes and Pins, launched at Vegfest 2019 to fund WWF's Amazon Emergency Fund.

Why? The Amazon rainforest is being cut down to grow soya, here in Ireland we support the burning of the Amazon by buying this soya to feed our livestock. Agriculture in Ireland contributes 33.3% of our greenhouse gas emissions. The largest sole cause in our country. A solution? Switching to a vegan diet. Never under-estimate your power as a consumer. Pins and totes for this cause are still available in my shop.

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Dublin, Ireland.


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