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January 25, 2019

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IFI French Film Festival Mural

November 21, 2016

I was delighted when the Irish Film Institute asked me to facilitate a mural project based on a French film called "Demain/Tomorrow" with a group of secondary school students during the View Festival and French Film Festival on the 18th & 19th November. "Demain" is a beautiful documentary film about many important issues including climate change, waste management, education, energy, money, community and urban farms. The film looks at the problems we have and how to address them for a better future.


We had two days to create the mural from start to finish. After the students watched the film on day one, I gave a presentation on street art, Irish street artists and themes of technology tackled in street art, with lots of imagery for inspiration. We then left the cinema and went to the meeting room to work on ideas. We brainstormed the main themes in the film and then then worked on sketches. The students all got their ideas down on paper visually, then we put them all up on the wall and talked about what we liked and choose key elements to include in our finished piece. We drew up a final design and then went out into the cold courtyard of the IFI to get the sketch on the wall.