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January 25, 2019

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Profile Stitch -Embroidered Portraits

December 20, 2016

Today was the final deadline for my embroidery project. My students had to create an embroidered portrait that reflected their identity and showed things that a profile pic on Facebook cannot show. I was delighted with the creative interpretations and with how they embraced the new techniques. Having a lot of experience in making embroidery kits, patterns and tutorials, I was confident in my ability to explain and demonstrate the processes. One thing that is difficult to get across is timing. It is something you learn yourself with experience, embroidery takes a lot of time, I encouraged my students to time how long it took them to complete a small section of their design and to use that information to help them estimate how much time they needed to complete the project. I also worked with learners on their stitch guides, to help them plan stitches that were realistic to the timeframe. Most students completed their portrait for the deadline. Here is some of their great work!