In 2016 I designed a map of locations in Dublin city that were key battle sites during the 1916 rising. The map was exhibited and distributed as part of Science Gallery Dublin's Trauma Exhibition. During the 1916 centenary I led walking tours from Science Gallery Dublin to these locations, telling the stories of what happened there one hundred years ago. At the beginning of the tours ten 1916 facts were given out to ten tour participants in envelopes, they were then asked to reveal their fact at certain points throughout the tour, involving the audience and making the tour more interactive. Many thanks to everyone that took part on that rainy Dublin weekend!

This project was originally planned as a street art installation. Bandage designs were to be painted in the locations using a water resident chemical. This would allow the designs to only be seen when the ground was wet, appearing on a rainy day as if revealing the hidden scars of 1916. Unfortunately after many meetings and encouragement from Dublin City Council they declined permission for this part of the project to go ahead. 

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Dublin, Ireland.


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